• We are a group of three Forensic Scientists who used to be in the business of developing natural cleansing products for the body. One of us even developed Hair, Urine and Saliva drug tests for large drug testing companies.
  • We were the guys developing the cleansing products that you are buying in stores like GNC so we know what it takes to perform a Total Body and Hair Cleanse.
  • We developed the solutions to do total body cleansing out of the need for good body cleansing information. Nobody out there was doing that. We ourselves had to do Total Body Cleansing to prepare mentally to get jobs and for other reasons.
  • One of us used to work for the largest maker of Total Body Detox products in the industry. So we know how to make the Detox products that really work.
  • We took this combination of experience and started Total Detox Friend in 2004. That’s right, we’ve been around for 15 years and counting, providing our proven formulas to people just like yourself you find themselves needing to cleanse toxins from their body or hair for whatever stressful testing you have coming up.
  • Since 2004 we have helped over 80,000 people and counting.
  • We have over a 98% success rate.
  • If you need real help please contact us. Feel free to call our US number before you order if you have any simple questions about us or shipping or product delivery options, but please know that only AFTER you order we can give you one-to-one personal advice on your toxin cleansing goals.
formula and products to detoxify the body  
Hair Detox Friend also points out..

The reason why other companies can’t explain why or how their products help you totally cleanse the hair of toxins is legally they can’t. They just throw a 200% or 300% money back guarantee behind what they are peddling and hope that is enough to give you confidence in it.

We at Hair Detox Friend often hear about how someone has bought a detox program or other detox product (which common sense should tell them wasn’t enough for their situation), only to fail at cleansing the hair and are in a world of confusion and anger. What good is the money back guarantee if it doesn’t cleanse your hair? Or if you need proof, you can’t get your money back anyway. If you are in a real situation please use our service. A probationary period in your life, custody dispute with an ex, new beginnings, or just to improve for that job performance, the Hair Detox Friend can help. From high paid executives to street smart individuals, we have what it takes to help you through this stressful time of detoxification.

  • Detoxifying and cleansing the hair and learning how to cleanse the hair is not a complicated thing. Most people do need help since everything you need to cleanse the hair isn’t lying around your house. People also need realistic and honest help assessing their situation since everyone’s situation is different and one size does not fit all in the world of hair detox.
  • Hair Detox Friend has years of experience counseling people through tough times. Whether you must cleanse for pre-employment, a new probationary period in your life or even a random detox cleans “or else” and your job or custody is affected because of poor health then Hair Detox Friend can help.
  • So to answer the question “Why us?” we would simply state because Hair Detox Friend is not your typical internet order taker. We are here to help you and we care. We are real people, who have been right where you are now. You don’t need to be embarrassed to talk to us frankly about the situation you’re facing. We do not judge you, we just want to help you cleanse your hair of those toxins so you can get on with your life cleanly and safely.
  • When you need to know. We are who you should call.

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